Designed as a companion probe to Models 12C and 18C for driving integrated circuit lines so the Model 12C and 18C can be used to measure the response of adjacent nodes. The Model 7 consists of a flexible 6 foot, 50 ohm coaxial cable accurately terminated to 50 ohms in order to avoid undesirable reflections. A special miniature connector receives replacement coaxial probe tips that provide a shielded environment to within 3 mm of the fine tungsten probe point, thus minimizing capacitive coupling to other parts of the circuit. The replaceable coaxial probe tips are offered in various point sizes and can also be bent to any shape in order to accommodate a variety of probing geometries.


An unterminated version, can be used for capacitance and resistance measurements or in low to medium speed signal applications where a 50 ohm termination is not required. A flexible coaxial cable length of 6 feet in length is standard on the Model 7A; however, when used for capacitance measurements, GGB Industries, Inc., recommends using a shorter 3 foot cable. If a shorter length of cable is desired for capacitance measurements, please specify it when ordering (Model 7A-3ft.). Please note that Model 7A uses Model 7 replacement tips.

Can be mounted on any micropropositioner for use with any probing system.

High Temperature Option

For elevated temperature applications up to 200 degrees C., Picoprobe® Models 7-HT and 7A-HT can be used in place of the Model 7 and 7A, respectively. Models 7-HT and 7A-HT use special temperature resistant probe tips that provide accurate test results under extreme conditions.

Model 7 and Model 7A Replacement Tips
Tungsten Probing Wire
Shaft Diameter
Point Radius
7-5 5 micron <0.1 micron
7-10 10 micron <0.1 micron
7-22 22 micron <1.0 micron
7-35 35 micron <2.0 micron
7-60 60 micron <3.0 micron
7-125 125 micron <5.0 micron
7-175 175 micron <5.0 micron

*Specify high temperature tips by adding an “HT” suffix to the Model 7 and 7A replacement tip part number.