The Picoprobe Model 35 has been engineered to meet the stringent demands of advanced high frequency circuit designers.

This probe combines full DC capability, rise/fall times of 14 ps, and a nominal loading input impedance of 1.25 megohms shunted by 0.05 pf. Signal attenuation is 10:1 with a 50 ohm oscilloscope input.

Like our other active probes, the Model 35 achieves its bandwidth using just one probe point, which greatly simplifies internal node testing without sacrificing performance. An assortment of user replaceable probe tips are available for a variety of probing needs. The Model 35 is powered by our new PS-3 power supply.

Can be mounted on any micropositioner for use with any probing system


 Input Capacitance  0.05pF
 Input Resistance  1.25 megohms
 Rise/Fall Time  14 ps (3V pulse or less)
 Frequency Response  dc to 26GHz
 Operating Range  -6 to +6V
 Voltage Range  -10 to +20V*
 Linearity  2% (+/-3V)
 Signal Attenuation  10 to 1 (50ohm input)

Picoprobe Model 35


Tungsten Probing Wire
Shaft Diameter

Point Radius


5 micron

<0.1 micron


10 micron

<0.1 micron


22 micron

<1.0 micron


35 micron

<2.0 micron

* Requires the use of a Model 35 Picoprobe� Power Supply, part # PS-3. Please specify 110V or 220V when ordering.

This plot shows the response of the Model 35 Picoprobe to a 0.25 volt, 25 picosecond rise time input pulse. Both the input pulse (Channel 2) and the Model 35 response (Channel 1) are displayed simultaneously on a dual channel 20 GHz sampling oscilloscope. The Model 35 probe tip was contacted to a 50 ohm impedance strip line that carried the input signal. The Model 35 used only a single contact and did not require a short ground connection.