The PICOPROBE® MODEL 220, a high performance microwave probe which incorporates a WR-5 waveguide with our patented coaxial design techniques, has inherent low loss and low dispersion characteristics.

Like all of our Picoprobe microwave probes, the Model 220 features: individually spring loaded Beryllium-Copper tips which provide reliable contacts even when probing non-planar structures; direct viewing of probe tips for accurate positioning; and can be designed to almost any pitch and footprint.

Smaller pitches and Ground-Signal-Ground footprints are recommended for optimum performance. Please contact our office for additional information regarding the performance specifications of the Model 220 Picoprobe.

  • Durable
  • 140 to 220 GHz
  • Insertion loss 2.0 dB typ.
  • Return loss 15 dB typ.
  • Individually spring loaded contacts
  • Patented Coaxial Design
  • Bias-T Option Available
Model 220 -BT  Waveguide Dimensions
Model 220 -BT-M Waveguide Dimensions