PICOPROBE® Dual Microwave Probe

The PICOPROBE® DUAL MICROWAVE PROBE consists of two separate probes mounted on a single holder. One probe is fixed to the holder; the other is adjustable. Each probe may be individually configured with GSG, GS, or SG footprints having any fixed pitch from 50 to 2540 microns. The probe to probe (signal to signal) spacing is user adjustable over a 4000 micron (160 mil) range. When ordering, an initial signal to signal spacing should be specified (up to .75 inches).


  • Two probes on one positioner
  • Ground to signal spacing from 50 to 2540 microns
  • Signal to signal spacing is user adjustable
  • Same performance as individual Model 40A, 50A, 67A, and 110H probes
  • Patented coaxial design
  • Differential calibration substrates available for two, three and four port calibrations

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To order a Dual Probe, use our regular Model 40A literature as a guide to specify each probe individually. Then, the orientation of the two probes is specified from left to right looking from the top with the probe tips facing towards you. For example, a

40A-GSG-150 /40A-SG-150-D-300

is a dual probe. The left probe has a GSG footprint with 150 microns between the grounds and signal. The right probe has a SG footprint with 150 microns between the ground and signal. The spacing between the signal of the left probe and the signal of the right probe is 300 microns

Dual Probe PDF

Microwave probes with frequencies up to 110GHz are available. Choose from either the Model 40A (2.9mm connector), Model 50A (2.4mm connector) Model 67A (1.85mm connector) or the Model 110H (1.0mm connector).