Designed to serve the needs of integrated circuit engineers working in the most advanced high speed, submicron, MOS technology. These high frequency instruments include the attractive features of the Models 18C and 19 including full dc capability, negligible dc current drain, and extremely low input capacitance. In addition the frequency range of the Models 28 and 29 has been extended to a full 1 GHz.

The Models 28 and 29 utilize their own special probe tips developed by GGB Industries, Inc. Probe tips can be ordered with 10, 20, or 50 micron diameter tungsten probe wires that are electrochemically sharpened to a point radius of less than 0.5, 1.0, and 3.0 microns respectively. The 10 and 20 micron wires flex when in contact with the circuit so that potential damage to the circuit and probe point is minimized. The flexible tip tends to keep the probe point in contact with the circuit even in the presence of probe table vibrations. The heavier 50 micron probe wire can be used when a stronger contact force is required.

The circuitry located in the Model 28 and Model 29 Picoprobe® body is very rugged; however, the unprotected MOS input in each probe tip is subject to damage by accidental electrostatic discharge. Should the MOS input or probe point become damaged, the probe tip can easily be removed and replaced at minimal cost.


 Specifications  Model 28  Model 29
 Input Capacitance  0.04pF  0.04pF
 Input Leakage  10 femtoamps  10 femtoamps
 Rise/Fall Time  350ps (+5V pulse or less)  350ps (±2.5V pulse or less)
 Frequency Response  dc to 1GHz (-3dB)  dc to 1Ghz (-3dB)
 Operating Range  0 to +9V  -7 to + 2V
 Linearity  0.5%(0 to +4V range) / 2.0%(0 to +9V range)  0.5%(-2 to +2V range) / 2.0%(-7 to +2V range)
 Gain Accuracy  ±3%  ±3%
 Signal Attenuation  20 to 1 (50ohm input)  20 to 1 (50ohm input)
Picoprobe® Model 28 and 29 Replacement Tips
Tungsten Probing Wire
Shaft Diameter
Point Radius

28-5-5 5 micon <0.1 micron
28-5-10 10 micron <0.1 micron
28-5-20 20 micron <1.0 micron
28-5-50 50 micron <3.0 micron
Picoprobe® Model 29 uses Picoprobe® Model 28 probe tips.

*Requires the use of a Picoprobe® Power Supply. Please specify 110V or 220V when ordering